12e Festival international du film ''L'Abricot d'Or'' (Voské Dziran) à Erevan
Erevan (Arménie) - 12 Juillet 2015 - 19 Juillet 2015
Compétition internationale de films de fiction
 Le Docteur
Le Docteur, 2014




Autres films
- The Clinch, Sergey PUSKEPALIS, Russie, 2015, 90 mn
Fedorov is the school literature teacher and he had a hard day. He has worked in two shifts, then has assisted school meeting, then the school director has given him a talking-to and Fedorov’s wife has started repair in their small apartment. On top of everything a strange unknown young woman follows him on his way home. Getting closer she snatches out his bag and runs away. Fedorov tries to catch her up without success and throws into her a piece of steel. The thief falls down, cries, complains of her hard life and then suddenly starts to blame Fedorov in bringing her girl-friend to a suicide. She threatens him with arrival of her fiancé-gangster. Fedorov considers the woman to be insane and is going to leave. He doesn’t have any suspicion that it’s just a beginning of the dangerous acquaintance.

- The end of epoch, Sophie CHERNESHEVA, Russie, 2015
USSR, 1952. Time detection of spies and enemies of the nation. The era of Stalin seemed eternal. A young Jewish doctor Ira Zaltsman survives in the middle of nowhere, trying to keep herself and her baby. She is forced to take the first available woman as a nanny, not even imagining who Lubka is.
Award : Grand Prize, The Tree of Life FF, Russia, 2014; Special Prize, Kinoshok FF, Russia, 2014; Best Direction, Best Art Direction, Special Mention, VGIK IFF, Russia, 2014; Best Actress, Otrazhenie FF, Russia, 2014; 3rd Award for Best Feature Film, Prize of Guild Film Critics, Saint Anna FF, Russia, 2015

- Femoral Neck might be serious, Sergey DAKHIN, Russie, 2015
“While parents were resting at Bulgaria, me and grandfather lived soul to soul and cooked whenever we wanted. I didn’t have a girlfriend, neither a job, nor studies and habitually ate a lot of butter. I was reading The Basics of Archeology by Avdusin, copying out poems from a self-made notebook. That was the best June in my life”.

- Immersion into the fire (Plongez dans le feu ), Hamlet DULYAN, court métrage, Russie, 2015
1915. Near the city of Mush, the Ottoman Empire. The story of how the Turkish soldier (Aydin) comes to the house of an Armenian people. There is a woman with her son, she is trying to protect him. Aydin has an order to kill them all...
1915. Près de la ville de Mouch à époque de l'Empire ottoman et de la destruction des Arméniens. Histoire du soldat turc Aydin qui entre dans la maison d’une Arménienne. Cette femme a un enfant, qu’elle essaie de protéger. Aydin a pour mission de les tuer mais comme il est un ami proche de la famille, il doit choisir qui trahir, le gouvernement ou bien ses proches. Aydin est sous la pression de ses collègues. Il ne veut la mort de personne. L’histoire est basée sur des faits réels.


Grand prix :

Le Docteur (Доктор), 2014, de Anna GOROIAN (Анна ГОРОЯН)