Born in 1900, Poland
Died in 1953
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Осип Наумович АБДУЛОВ
From filmography
1946 - Belyy klyk (Белый Клык) by Aleksandr ZGURIDI [fiction, 84 mn]
1944 - Svadba (Свадьба) by Isidor ANNENSKY [fiction, 65 mn]
1944 - Poedinok (Поединок) by Vladimir LEGOSHINE [fiction, 76 mn]
1941 - Svinarka i pastukh (Свинарка и пастух) by Ivan PYRIEV [fiction, 90 mn]
1940 - Svetlyy put (Светлый путь) by Grigori ALEXANDROV [fiction, 102 mn]
1938 - Semya Oppengeym (Семья Оппенгейм) by Grigori ROSHAL [fiction, 97 mn]
1936 - Poslednyaya noch (Последняя ночь) by Yuli RAIZMAN , Dmitry VASILIEV [fiction, 98 mn]
1936 - Gobsek (Гобсек) by Konstantin EGGERT [fiction, 73 mn]

Osip Abdulov was born on November 16, 1900 in Lódz, Poland, Russian Empire. He was an actor, known for Ostrov sokrovishch (1938), They Met in Moscow (1941) and Tanya (1940). From 1929 to 1936, actor of the Theatre-Studio under the direction of Yu. Zavadski. One of the founders of the radio theater. As a director he staged more than 200 radio performances, was one of the first announcers of Soviet radio broadcasting; also, took part as an actor in radio productions and a performer of short stories and poems. He died on June 14, 1953 in Moscow, Russian SFSR, USSR.