Born in 1963 
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Андрей Геннадьевич ДЕРЯБИН
From filmography
2009 - Yukhannus / Ivanov den (Юханнус / Иванов день) from Lauri TÖRKHÖNEN [fiction]
2009 - Polsednee voskresenie (Последнее воскресение) from Michael HOFFMAN [fiction, 112 mn]
2008 - Granitsa 1918 (Граница 1918) from Lauri TÖRKHÖNEN [fiction, full length film]
2002 - Ruski Kovcheg (Русский ковчег) from Alexandre SOKUROV [fiction, 99 mn]
2001 - Elegiya dorogi (Элегия дороги) from Alexandre SOKUROV [documentary, 47 mn]
1996 - Rober. Schastlivaya zhizn (Робер. Счастливая жизнь) from Alexandre SOKUROV [documentary, 26 mn]
1995 - Kontsert dlya krysy (Концерт для крысы) from Oleg KOVALOV [104 mn]

Other films
2006 - Transe, director Teresa Villaverde

Andrey Deryabin, producer, member of the ACE Producers Network, was born on March 23rd, 1963

To 1989 : Faculty of Literature, Saint-Petersburg State University
1986-93 : Library File Editor, Saint-Petersburg State University; and then Deputy Director of the University Library.
Since 1992 : Works with ABC (USA) as a local producer in Saint-Petersburg (news and special projects)
1993 : Founds Hermitage Bridge Studio.The Hermitage Bridge Studio was founded with participation of the State Hermitage Museum in 1993. HBS is an independent media production company with its office in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. We are producers with a passion for great international stories, including major feature co-productions, original debut movies, theatrical documentaries and theatrical/music performances. HBS is a partner of one of Russia’s two largest studios, Lenfilm Studios, which provides HBS with necessary production facilities.
Highlights in 2003 included the worldwide critical and box-office success THE RUSSIAN ARK by Alexander Sokurov (Official Selection in Cannes Film Festival 2002; winner IFC VISIONS AWARD Toronto Film Festival 2002). Co-produced by HBS and Egoli Tossell Film AG (Germany), filmed entirely in the State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Sokurov’s breathtaking film recreates 300 years of the Russian history and culture.
HBS has also produced more than 20 TV events and participated in the following productions:
- Joint projects with the Guggenheim Museum and with such TV-companies as ABC (USA), NBC, ARD, ZDF (Germany),
- Co-production of the Emmy Award-winning, landmark concert film PAUL McCARTNEY IN RED SQUARE in 2003,
- Full-length feature film TRANCE by Teresa Villaverde, co-production with Gemini Films (Portugal / France). TRANCE premiere screening was held in Cannes IFF in 2006,
- BORDER 1918 co-produced with Jounifilmi (Finland), Svensk Filmindustri (Sweden), Studio 217 (Moscow, Russia) in 2007-2008,
- Full-length feature film THE LAST STATION by Michael Hoffman, co-production with Germany / UK / Russia in 2008-2009.
In development in 2009:
- Short feature YOU ARE WITH ME, HBS production,
- Full-length feature film SYMPHONY, co-production with Germany and the U.K. Set in the thick of World War II, “The Symphony” is the based-on-truth story of the performance of Dmitry Shostakovich’s 7th Symphony in the city of Leningrad besieged by Nazi troops.
- Feature documentary LEO TOLSTOY: GENIUS ALIVE, production of HBS / RGAKFD. LEO TOLSTOY: GENIUS ALIVE will tell audiences all over the world his real own story of his last two years, his death, funerals and the national grieving on his demise on the basis of the unique original footage shot 100 YEARS AGO and carefully stored in the Russian State Archives of Film and Photo Documents (RGAKFD, Krasnogorsk).
- JUHANNUS – is a nowadays love story taking place between Helsinki and St. Petersburg, co-production with Finland

1997 – “Twinning”: Three-session workshop for co-productions, organized by international program MEDIA – EUREKA.

2005 – EAVE (European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs) Program. EAVE is a leading European media training program providing long and short seminars - workshops and forums - as well as continuous services on-line to European producers and professionals.

2005 – Country representative in E*M*P*A (European Motion Picture Producer’s Association)

2006 – 2007 ACE 16 Session (Ateliers du Cinema Europeen - "a European training programme and mutually supportive network of producers serving independent cinema") .

2008 – Creation of the new division in Saint-Petersburg – Russian Co-production Bureau