Born in 1952, USSR
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Also : Lidiya BOBROVA
From filmography
2009 - Veruyu (Верую) [fiction, 93 mn]
2003 - Babusia (Бабуся) [fiction, 97 mn]
1997 - V toy strane (В той стране) [fiction, 88 mn]
1991 - oy, vy, gusi (Ой вы гуси...) [fiction, 88 mn]
1989 - Vzroslenie (Взросление) [fiction, 29 mn]
2007 - Yar (Яр) by Marina RAZBEZHKINA [fiction, 114 mn]
2003 - Babusia (Бабуся) by Lidia BOBROVA [fiction, 97 mn]
1997 - V toy strane (В той стране) by Lidia BOBROVA [fiction, 88 mn]
1991 - oy, vy, gusi (Ой вы гуси...) by Lidia BOBROVA [fiction, 88 mn]
2009 - Veruyu (Верую) by Lidia BOBROVA [fiction, 93 mn]

Awards :
Prix spécial de la ville de Paris en 1999
Veruyu :
Audience Award, Festival ''Cinema and literature'', Gatchina (Russia), 2010
Babusia :
Audience Award, Paris International Film Festival, Paris (France), 2003
oy, vy, gusi :
Best first film, Films for the elite, Open Russian Film Festival Kinotavr, Sochi (Russia), 1992
Babusia :
Grand prix du public et Prix Arte aux Rencontres internationales de cinéma à Paris 2003
Prix Don Quichotte, prix spécial du jury et prix oecuménique au Fstival de Karlovy Vary, 2003
Grand Prix du festival des festivals de Saint-Pétersbourg, 2003
V toy strane :
Prix de la Guilde des Critiques et historiens du cinéma au Festival "Kinochoc" à Anapa, 1997
Grand Prix du Public aux Rencontres Internationales de Cinéma de Paris 1998
Grand Prix du Jury au Festival International de Films de Femmes de Créteil, 1998
Grand prix au Festival "Littérature et cinéma" à Gatchina, 1998
oy, vy, gusi :
Prix du Festival d'Angers en 2002

Born in Eastern Siberia on June 13, 1952, Lidiya Bobrova obtained her Diploma in History at the Leningrad (Saint Petersburg) University in 1975. As she was not willing to support an existing system, she gave up teaching and studied scriptwriting in Moscow under the direction of Evgueni Gabrilovitch. Her graduating script "Hey, You Geese!", reflecting the way of life of the soviet citizen too far away from the official ideology, was refused. After that she joined Lenfilm Studio, but her scripts were constantly rejected for the same reasons. With the Perestroika, her scripts were finally accepted and produced by the Studio of Experimental Films in Lenfilm.
Source :

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