Born in 1972, USSR (Russia)
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Андрей_2 Валерьевич СЕМЕНОВ
From filmography
2015 - Andrej Kjizhina i evo gore (Андрей Хижина и его горе) by Aleksey DYOMIN [animation, 16 mn]
2011 - Prazdnik dlya slonov (Праздник для слонов) by Aleksey DYOMIN [animation, 14 mn]
2008 - Kantata "Spassenie" (Кантата "Спасение") by Mariya LITVINOVA [animation, 14 mn]
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Composer Andrey Valeryevich Semenov (Semyonov) was born in 1972 in the city of Tyumen, Russia. In 1987 he completed eight grades of Intermediary School and a degree in Junior Music School (majoring in Piano) named after S.I. Taneyev in the city of Vladimir, both with academic distinction. In the same year he became a student of Musicological Department of Moscow Conservatory Junior Music College, from which he graduated in 1991. After graduation he served in Soviet Armed Forces, and in 1993 he became a student of Composition Department of Moscow Conservatory. He completed this degree in 1998 with academic distinction; he also completed two years of assistantship in 2000. Andrey Semenov's teachers are composers Gennady Gladkov, with whom he studied privately for over 20 years, Aleksey Nikolayev, Andrey's guide in Conservatory and during assistantship, and Yuri Fortunatov.
Andrey Semenov is Honored Artist of Russia, Moscow Government Prize Laureate, Laureate of Golden Mask, Harlequin, and Golden Harlequin Prizes, Laureate of several composers' competitions (including for the best sacred choral work, International competition for the best work for contrabass in Dallas and others), Prize Winner for Best Music at The 17th Open Russian Festival of Animated Film, Laureate of Moskovsky Komsomolets newspaper Prize for the best male role of the 1999-2000 season, Laureate of 3rd Festival of Actor's Song, Laureate of 4th Festival Dramatic Artists Are Singing in Nuzhny Novgorod, member of Composers' Union of Russia, member of Union of Theater Activists of Russia, member of Composers' Guild.