Aleksandr VOLKOFF
Александр ВОЛКОВ
Aleksandr VOLKOFF
France, 1922, 117mn 
Black and white, silent, fiction
Dom tayn
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Дом тайн


 The House of Mystery

 La Maison du mystère

Directed by : Aleksandr VOLKOFF (Александр ВОЛКОВ)
Writing credits : Ivan MOZZHUKIN (Иван МОЗЖУХИН), Aleksandr VOLKOFF (Александр ВОЛКОВ)
Ivan MOZZHUKIN (Иван МОЗЖУХИН) ...Julien Villandrit
Nikolay KOLIN (Николай КОЛИН) ...Rudeberg
Vladimir STRIZHEVSKY (Владимир СТРИЖЕВСКИЙ) ...Pascal
Cinematography : Fyodor BURGASOV (Федор БУРГАСОВ), Nikolay TOPORKOV (Николай ТОПОРКОВ)
Production design : Aleksandr LOSHAKOV (Александр ЛОШАКОВ)
Other persons :
Casting :
- Charles VANEL (Henri Corradin)
- Hélène DARLY (Régine de Bettigny)
- Francine MUSSEY (Christiane)
- Sylvia GREY (Marjorie)
- Simone GENEVOIS (Christiane enfant)
Companies : Films Albatros

Plot synopsis
Julien Villandrit is the owner of a textile factory whose manager, Henri Corrandi, is his childhood friend. Both love the same woman, Régine de Bettigny, who gives her hand to Villandrit. Mad with jealousy, Corradin will use all means to break up the couple: he does not hesitate to compromise Régine, to send Julien to prison for a crime he has not committed, to spread misfortune. But despite a long and painful separation, Julien and Régine will meet again, still bound by the same love.

Episode 1: The Felon Friend
Episode 2: The Secret of the Pond
Episode 3: Ambition in the service of hate

La maison du mystère (Alexandre Volkoff, 1923), Quentin CORAY,, 2020

Selected in the following festivals :
- Fondation Jérôme Seydoux. L'Aventure Albatros - 2, Paris (France), 2016