Aleksey_6 SMIRNOV
Алексей_6 СМИРНОВ
Alekseï_6 SMIRNOV
Russia, 2012, 9mn 
Black and white, fiction
Almaznaya kozhura
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Алмазная кожура


 Diamond Peel

 Peau de diamant

Directed by : Aleksey_6 SMIRNOV (Алексей_6 СМИРНОВ)
Writing credits : Aleksey_6 SMIRNOV (Алексей_6 СМИРНОВ)
Other persons :
Director of photography: Svetlana Chovnik
Production design: Maria Chekhonadskikh
Sound: Mikhail Kesarev
Editing: Yulia Morskaya, Ksenia Vinogradova
Cast: Yana Skopina, Sema Barabanov, CJ, Jean Bosco, Uche Emeka, Dozie Williams, Leo Ugochukwu, Kinsley Young, Daniel Atunlese, Darya Bogdanova
Companies : VGIK

Plot synopsis
In Podolsk there is a church “Mount of Transformation”.
In the Botanical Garden behind a fence stands a monument to Confucius.
The only painting of van Gogh bought during his lifetime went to Russia.
The whip clicks as if breaking the sonic barrier.
There is nothing in the film.
This film is just the peel which has been removed from a diamond.

Selected in the following festivals :
- Open Russian Film Festival Kinotavr, Sochi (Russia), 2013