Sergey_2 KOMAROV
Сергей_2 КОМАРОВ
Sergueï_2 KOMAROV
Russia, 2013, 100mn 
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 Les Invisibles

Directed by : Sergey_2 KOMAROV (Сергей_2 КОМАРОВ)
Produced by : Renat DAVLETYAROV (Ренат ДАВЛЕТЬЯРОВ), Aleksandr KOTELEVSKY (Александр КОТЕЛЕВСКИЙ), Aleksandr OLEYNIKOV (Александр ОЛЕЙНИКОВ)
Companies : Real Dakota
Film revenue in Russia : 0.3528 million dollars
Spectators : 106 000
Release Date in Russia : 05/02/2015

Note :
In production

Plot synopsis
Yura is a loser resigned to his fate, a minor employee of a large bank, spending his life taking care of his wife Rita, who holds a high position in the same bank. The wife manages videoconferences with the Top-management, while the husband simply prepares dinner. Yura is convinced that they form an ideal family, and that there is nothing better to wish for.
But the month of New Year, an astonishing event will turn her life upside down: Yura has become... Invisible! In truth, he does not understand this right away: to pass from an insignificant life to the state of "invisible man"! Fully aware of what is happening to him, Yura must expect yet another discovery: he is not alone! In Moscow the invisible is "visible for the invisible"! They live near us and revel in their happiness. Yura quickly takes a liking to this new life and her super-abilities. But who will come to the aid of his family who remained poor? Previously, Yura would have weakened in the face of danger. But on this Christmas night, he will not give in to the delinquents: the invisible man has embarked on the warpath!

Selected in the following festivals or events :
- Russische Filmwoche in Berlin, Berlin (Germany), 2015