Russia, 2012, 62mn 
Colour, documentary
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 Les Nuls

Directed by : Denis MARLINSKY (Денис МАРЛИНСКИЙ)
Writing credits : Vadim VOSTROV (Вадим ВОСТРОВ)
Produced by : Denis MARLINSKY (Денис МАРЛИНСКИЙ), Vadim VOSTROV (Вадим ВОСТРОВ)
Other persons :
Camera: Irina Terentieva, Roman Chekhlov, Natalia Dudina, Denis Shabanov, Nikolai Chistyakov
Design: Nikoly Rafalsky
Editor: Nadezhda Bombakova
Producers: Xenia Cherepanova,
Companies : Studio «Videoproduction»

Plot synopsis
The film «Zeros» is about Putin, Medvedev, corruption, censorship, emigration. The project was shot in Moscow and Thailand in December 2011 when there was the peak of protest spirits in the country. Leonid Parfenov, Zakhar Prilepin, Michael Efremov, Dmitry Bykov, Serge Alexashenko, Igor Urgens, Andrei Loshak, Yuri Pivovarov participated in the film. Emigrated from Russia businessman Andrei Ivanov and Julia Ioffe, US journalist, a special correspondent of the «New Yorker» newspaper are the heroes of the film. The film is for those who is interested in public political life and who is not indifferent about what is going in our country.

Selected in the following festivals :
- International Human Rights Film Festival, Moscow (Russia), 2012