Yekaterina GOLOVNYA
Екатерина ГОЛОВНЯ
Ekaterina GOLOVNIA
Russia, 2012, 58mn 
Colour, documentary
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Directed by : Yekaterina GOLOVNYA (Екатерина ГОЛОВНЯ)
Writing credits : Yekaterina GOLOVNYA (Екатерина ГОЛОВНЯ)
Cinematography : Aleksandr ZAYTSEV (Александр ЗАЙЦЕВ)
Music : Yevgeni KADIMSKY (Евгений КАДИМСКИЙ)
Produced by : Svetlana DALSKAYA (Светлана ДАЛЬСКАЯ)
Companies : «Zolotaya Lenta» Studio

Plot synopsis
Within the Polar Circle in the remote Baidaratskaya tundra at the shore of the round like the moon lake there is the Land of Hope. Having up the carrier of a writer Anna Nerkagi and her forty adopted children build their paradise. Anna knows that she will not be able to change the world but her task is not to allow the world to be ruined. She turns the time anticlockwise trying to reconcile labor, belief and national culture of her people. The name Nerkagi is translated from the Nenets language as «Clan of Unbending People».

Selected in the following festivals :
- Moscow International Film Festival (MIFF), Moscow (Russia), 2013
- International Human Rights Film Festival, Moscow (Russia), 2012