Григорий ИЛУГДИН
Russia, 2011, 39mn 
Colour, documentary
Konstantin Melnik
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Константин Мельник


 Konstantin Melnik

 Konstantin Melnik

Directed by : Grigori ILUGDIN (Григорий ИЛУГДИН)
Writing credits : Sergey BARABANOV (Сергей БАРАБАНОВ)
Cinematography : Olga SVIRIDOVA (Ольга СВИРИДОВА)
Produced by : Grigori ILUGDIN (Григорий ИЛУГДИН)
Companies : cinema company "MIRIAM-MEDIA"

Plot synopsis
You can often see him in the cemetery of Saint-Genevieve-des-Bois near Paris. The history of Russia lies there. He himself is the part of this history, though he was born in France. Only in the elderly age Konstantin Melnik was able to visit the homeland of their ancestors. For years, he was the very sense of the word "foreign native". French made him classified for the world, and the Russian considered him as an enemy. From the homeland he got only a collection of Russian art and a few family heirlooms that were taken from Russia by his parents.

Selected in the following festivals :
- International Film Festival "Russian Film Out of Russia", Moscow (Russia), 2012