Andres SÖÖT
Андрес СЕЭТ
Andres SÖÖT
USSR (Estonia), 1968, 14mn 
Black and white, documentary
511 luchikh fotografiy Marsa
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511 лучших фотографий Марса


 The 511 Best Photos of Mars

 Les 511 meilleures photos de Mars

Other titles : 511 parimat fotot Marsist (original title)
Directed by : Andres SÖÖT (Андрес СЕЭТ)
Cinematography : Andres SÖÖT (Андрес СЕЭТ)
Other persons :
Author : Enn VETEMAA
Sound : Ülo SAAR
Editing : Leili SAAR
Companies : Tallinnfilm
Distribution : Archives du film d'Estonie (

Plot synopsis
The portrait of a group of youngsters who hang out in the Tallinn cafés and kill time by philosophising on the absurdity of life. The text draws its inspiration from poems by Artur Alliksaar and astronomy books.

Selected in the following festivals :
- États généraux du film documentaire, Lussas (France), 2012