Russia, 2011, 54mn 
Colour, documentary
Osuzhdennyy svobodoy
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Осужденный свободой


 Convicted By Freedom

 Condamné par la liberté

Directed by : Rashid DAVLETSHIN (Рашид ДАВЛЕТШИН)
Writing credits : Rashid DAVLETSHIN (Рашид ДАВЛЕТШИН)
Cinematography : Rashid DAVLETSHIN (Рашид ДАВЛЕТШИН), Anastasia PETUKHOVA (Анастасия ПЕТУХОВА)
Produced by : Pavel PECHENKIN (Павел ПЕЧЕНКИН)
Companies : “Novy Kurs” film studio

Plot synopsis
Victor Gulyaev, a veteran of war in Afghanistan, gave up everything in the city: his flat, work, family. He took over a plot of land on the bank of a river in the backwoods of Perm region and became a farmer. He went away from people in hope to find “full freedom”. But people don’t leave him alone: he has to prepare teenagers for military service or to bring up a nephew- kleptomaniac. How can one become absolutely free if he has to respond for everything even for what happened in Afghan?

Selected in the following festivals :
- International Human Rights Film Festival, Moscow (Russia), 2011