USSR (Russia), 2010, 26mn 
Colour, documentary
Khalmer-Yu - Dolina zhizni
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Хальмер-Ю – Долина жизни


 Khalmer-Yu – Life’s Valley

 Khalmer-Yu. La vallée de la vie

Directed by : Yulia MIRONOVA (Юлия МИРОНОВА)
Writing credits : Yulia MIRONOVA (Юлия МИРОНОВА)
Cinematography : Algis MIKULSKIS (Альгис МИКУЛЬСКИС)
Music : Aleksey ZUBAREV (Алексей ЗУБАРЕВ)
Produced by : Aleksey TELNOV (Алексей ТЕЛЬНОВ)
Companies : St Petersburg Documentary Film Studio

Plot synopsis
Some time Khalmer -Yu was a comfortable miners’ township. Nowadays the mine is closed, the township is destroyed and inhabitants are settled in a new place. But many years later people come to Khalmer -Yu every summer from different parts of the country. They go there to shoot the place, to recollect their childhood. They go home. Chronicle frames bring back optimistic prospects of developing the Far North that were described by the state propaganda in those years. Memories of inhabitants kicked now out from of home complement the picture.

Selected in the following festivals :
- International Human Rights Film Festival, Moscow (Russia), 2011