Russia, 2009, 44mn 
Colour, documentary
Na pereputye
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На перепутье


 At The Crossroads

 Au croisement des chemins

Directed by : Svetlana SVISTUNOVA (Светлана СВИСТУНОВА)
Writing credits : Svetlana SVISTUNOVA (Светлана СВИСТУНОВА)
Produced by : Vladimir VINOGRADOV (Владимир ВИНОГРАДОВ)
Companies : “Flaerti-film” company

Plot synopsis
The Ryazan adolescent colony is located on the territory of the former convent. 14-18 years old girls are placed here. Twenty percent of them are sentenced for murder, like the heroine of the film Kristina. Teachers, psychologists, churchmen are working with them. However, before the colony the adolescent that committed a crime faces the court. How does the special court for adolescents function today? Is it possible, is it necessary to judge them in a special way? The film is about the emerging system of juvenile justice in Russia, which has many supporters, but also many opponents.

Selected in the following festivals :
- International Human Rights Film Festival, Moscow (Russia), 2011