Russia, 2010, 52mn 
Colour, documentary
Otets Mikhail. Istoriya odnoy semi
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Отец Михаил. История одной семьи


 Priest Mikhail. The story of a family

 Le Père Michel. Histoire d'une famille

Directed by : Galina OGURNAYA (Галина ОГУРНАЯ)
Companies : АНО "Direktsiya Prezidentskikh programm"

Plot synopsis
Archpriest Michael Osorgin never saw his father, who had been shot in the Solovetsky camps, having left with his mother for France, he lost his homeland forever. Many years of his life were associated with the suburb of Paris - Clamart, but the heart and soul of. Michael stayed in Russia. In 1998, as rector of the church, once well-equipped by Russian emigrants in Rome, he made the fateful decision to move his parish from the Patriarchate of Constantinople to the Russian Orthodox Church. He met his 80th birthday in Clamart – among his family and friends.

Selected in the following festivals :
- International Film Festival "Russian Film Out of Russia", Moscow (Russia), 2011