Russia, 2011, 11mn 
Pantor de aktsion
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Пантор де акцион


 Peinture d'action

 Peinture d'action

Directed by : Frank GERKHARDT (Франк ГЕРХАРДТ)

Plot synopsis
The movie is about a blind girl somewhere in Europe around 194… Kate gets a new piano from her mother, but instead of playing her favorite melody she gets interrupted by the noise of approaching bombers and exploding shells. She is shocked from these deafening noises. So she decides to rebel against these war noises through playing the piano. She faces the choice to die and leave everything behind, in the name of justice or move to the safe basement. She imagines the version of the heroic death. But in her paradise her father denies her to stay there…

Selected in the following festivals :
- Festival of Festivals, St Petersburg (Russia), 2011