Russia, 1917, 3683m 
Black and white, silent, fiction
Satana likuyushchiy
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Сатана ликующий


 Satan Triumphant

 Satan triomphant

Directed by : Yakov PROTAZANOV (Яков ПРОТАЗАНОВ)
Writing credits : Olga BLAZHEVICH (Ольга БЛАЖЕВИЧ)
Aleksandr CHABROV (Александр ЧАБРОВ) ...Satan
Natalia LISENKO (Наталья ЛИСЕНКО) ...Esfir, mère de Sandro
Ivan MOZZHUKIN (Иван МОЗЖУХИН) ...Le pasteur Talnoks et son fils Sandro Van Goren
NEKRASOV ( НЕКРАСОВ) ...Mikhaelis, père d'Inga
Vera ORLOVA (Вера ОРЛОВА) ...Inga
Polikarp PAVLOV (Поликарп ПАВЛОВ) ...Le mari d'Esfir, peintre
Cinematography : Fyodor BURGASOV (Федор БУРГАСОВ)
Produced by : Iosif ERMOLIEV (Иосиф ЕРМОЛЬЕВ)
Companies : I.N.Ermoliev
Release Date in Russia : 17/10/1917

Plot synopsis
In a small town live two brothers, one a minister and the other one a hunchback painter of the chapel who lives with his wife. One dreadful and stormy night, a stranger knocks at the door asking for shelter. The stranger talks about all the good things of the earthly life the minister is missing because of his puritanical faith. The minister comes to accept the stranger's viewpoint but it is others who will pay the consequences because the minister will discover the human pleasures thanks to, ehem, his sister- in -law… The tormented minister and his cuckolded brother will die in a strange accident in the chapel and later an infant will be born from the minister's adulterous relationship. The film is divided in two parts, the first one could be considered as the “Genesis” ( talking in church terms… ) ,the origins of all the miseries that will befall the principal characters of the film and the second part could be thought of as the “Revelation” or the chance for atonement for their sins because of the earlier history…
Source : http://ferdinandvongalitzien.blogspot.com

Selected in the following festivals :
- Europalia Russia 2005, Brussels (Belgium), 2005