Yulia AUG
Юлия АУГ
Youlia AOUG
Russia, 2011, 85mn 
Colour, fiction
Varenye iz sakury
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Варенье из сакуры


 Sakura Jam

 Confiture de sakura

Directed by : Yulia AUG (Юлия АУГ)
Writing credits : Yulia AUG (Юлия АУГ), Dmitry POVOLOTSKY (Дмитрий ПОВОЛОЦКИЙ), Igor SHAROV (Игорь ШАРОВ)
Pyotr KRASILOV (Пётр КРАСИЛОВ) ...Dmitri Vorontsov
Yevgeniya LOZA (Евгения ЛОЗА) ...Nadezhda
Aleksey PANIN (Алексей ПАНИН) ...Shcheglov
Renat DAVLETYAROV (Ренат ДАВЛЕТЬЯРОВ) ...Tomokadzu-san
Mariya ARONOVA (Мария АРОНОВА) ...Valentina
Rovshvana KURKOVA (Ровшана КУРКОВА)
Igor YATSKO (Игорь ЯЦКО)
Cinematography : Dmitry MALTSEV (Дмитрий МАЛЬЦЕВ)
Production design : Yekaterina ZALETAEVA (Екатерина ЗАЛЕТАЕВА)
Produced by : Ksenia BOGATYREVA (Ксения БОГАТЫРЕВА), Mikhail MIKOTS (Михаил МИКОЦ), Sergey ZERNOV (Сергей ЗЕРНОВ)
Companies : Tsentr Natsionalnogo Filma
Film revenue in Russia : 0.1156 million dollars
Release Date in Russia : 30/06/2011
Site : www.sakura-film.ru/

Plot synopsis
Dmitry Vorontsov is eagerly trying to develop his business according to international standards. The only problem is that no motivations and teaching techniques have their effect on the staff. Crisis-manager from Japan, the real samurai Tomokatzu-san comes to Moscow in order to help the hopeless businessman. Only Asian wisdom together with Russian mother wit will help office workers to get out of financial crisis.
The film is based on real events. The action unfolds against the backdrop of usual atmosphere in an ordinary office with its constant bustle, ringing telephones, fax machines creaking and rustling of papers. According to British scientists, a person is asleep for one-third of his life, and another one-third of it… he spends at work. Office for an everyman is not only a place for labor feats, professional and financial growth and fulfillment. This is a parallel world with peculiar relationships and hierarchical structure. Special habitat, in which people fall in love, make friends, gossip, talk, relax and have fun, spend leisure time.

Selected in the following festivals :
- Comic Film Festival "Ulybnis, Rossiya", Moscow (Russia), 2012
- Festival of Festivals, St Petersburg (Russia), 2011