Vladimir MELETIN
Владимир МЕЛЕТИН
Russia, 2010, 26mn 
Colour, documentary
Noch v musee Gulaga
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Ночь в музее Гулага


 Night In Gulag Museum

 Nuit au musée du Goulag

Directed by : Vladimir MELETIN (Владимир МЕЛЕТИН)
Writing credits : Irina MELETINA (Ирина МЕЛЕТИНА)
Cinematography : Vladimir MELETIN (Владимир МЕЛЕТИН)
Produced by : Vladimir MELETIN (Владимир МЕЛЕТИН)
Companies : “Art-Nuovo studio”

Plot synopsis
The GULAG Museum was opened in 2004. The idea of establishing the museum belonged to Anton Vladimirovich Antonov-Ovseenko, who recently turned 90. Son of the famous revolutionary, Lenin’s fellow-fighter, who was afterward shot dead, Anton Vladimirovich served time in jail for his father; he has a crow to pluck with GULAG.
Nowadays, he dreams of the new halls, where the collected archives and the library will be placed, and the conferences carried out. He also wishes to see a long queue of those who want to recover from the “historical memory deficiency disorder” standing to the museum, a queue as long as it is on the unique night of museums.

Selected in the following festivals :
- International Human Rights Film Festival, Moscow (Russia), 2010