Viktor TITOV
Виктор ТИТОВ
Viktor TITOV
Russia, 1992, 92mn 
Colour, fiction
Vostochnoy roman
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Восточный роман


 Eastern Roman

 Roman oriental

Directed by : Viktor TITOV (Виктор ТИТОВ)
Writing credits : Aleksandr CHERVINSKY (Александр ЧЕРВИНСКИЙ), Pavel LUNGIN (Павел ЛУНГИН)
Companies : Lenfilm

Plot synopsis
The story of the lead character of the film is the story of her rise and moral degradation. We see Mamlakat when she is a child, a young girl and a mature woman. A typical character of her epoch, she is stuffed with its slogans. Pursuing her goals she easily discards ethical standards. Her life was not an easy one: love, life with a man she did not love, a labor camp, again love and a reciprocal feeling, earthquakes, fires, post-war devastation. She ruins her own family and takes part in deceiving people of her country.