France, 2009, 60mn 
Colour, documentary
Aleksandr Sokurov, Voprosy o kino
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Александр Сокуров, вопросы о кино


 Aleksandr Sokurov, Questions about kino

 Alexandre Sokourov questions de cinéma

Directed by : Anne IMBERT (Анн ИМБЕР)
Writing credits : Anne IMBERT (Анн ИМБЕР)
Cinematography : Sasha DEMYANENKO (Саша ДЕМЬЯНЕНКО)
Companies : Fas Production, CinéCinéma, France 3 Alsace, RTV (Slovenija)
language français
format : Beta

Plot synopsis
An encounter with the great Russian film director Alexander Sokurov, which gives rise to a lot of questions about his artistic stand and the problems he touches upon and resolves in his works. The film presents the director’s thoughts about the history of cinema, about the power of the sound and image, about the past and future of cinema, accompanied by fragments from his films and various archival materials.

Documentaire : Alexandre Sokurov - Questions de cinéma,, 2011

Selected in the following festivals or events :
- Festival de cinéma dans le cadre des journées européennes du livre russe, Paris (France), 2014
- Month of the documentary in France, Different cities (France), 2010
- Honfleur Russian Film Festival, Honfleur (France), 2009