Vladimir CHUMAK
Владимир ЧУМАК
USSR, 1980, 85mn 
Colour, fiction
Ty dolzhen zhit
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Ты должен жить


 You Must Live

 Tu dois vivre

Directed by : Vladimir CHUMAK (Владимир ЧУМАК)
Cinematography : Dmitry_2 MESKHIEV (Дмитрий_2 МЕСХИЕВ)
Companies : Lenfilm

Plot synopsis
Loosely based on “The May Winds”, a story by Sergei Smolyanitsky.
In a battle close to the end of the war the fighter plane piloted by Lieutenant Volynin made an emergency landing in the enemy territory.
The gunner and the pilot managed to reach their troops... and the everyday life at the front-line goes on. But the war is not yet over, which means that the trials continue...
Source : www.lenfilm.ru