Vladimir SHREDEL
Владимир ШРЕДЕЛЬ
Vladimir CHREDEL
USSR, 1963, 83mn 
Colour, fiction
Dva voskresenya
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Два воскресенья


 Two Sundays

 Deux dimanches

Directed by : Vladimir SHREDEL (Владимир ШРЕДЕЛЬ)
Companies : Lenfilm

Plot synopsis
Lyusya is a bank teller in a small town. Accidentally she wins a large sum of money and decides to spend it on a trip to Moscow.
In Moscow she meets Volodya. The young couple spends all day together and makes a date for the next weekend. But Lyusya is late for the date and when she finally comes Volodya has already left.
Lyusya returns home and writes Volodya a letter. She hopes that there will be more such meetings in her life, and that her life will be full of wonderful surprises.