Aleksandr PROSHKIN
Александр ПРОШКИН
Russia, 1992, 119mn 
Colour, fiction
Uvidet Parizh i umeret
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Увидеть Париж и умереть


 To See Paris And Then Die

 Voir Paris et mourir

Directed by : Aleksandr PROSHKIN (Александр ПРОШКИН)
Stanislav LIUBSHIN (Станислав ЛЮБШИН)
Vladimir STEKLOV (Владимир СТЕКЛОВ)
Yekaterina SEMENOVA (Екатерина СЕМЕНОВА)
Produced by : Rustam IBRAGIMBEKOV (Рустам ИБРАГИМБЕКОВ)
Companies : Mosfilm, Telefilm, Ibrus, Rashvold
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Awards :
Best actress Tatyana VASILIEVA , Open Russian Film Festival Kinotavr, Sochi (Russia), 1993
Best actress Tatyana VASILIEVA , "NIKA" Prizes, Moscow (Russia), 1992

Plot synopsis
Moscow of the sixties. From a childhood Elena dreams about visiting Paris but it is inpossible. Her son, a talented pianist, has such an opportunity. In order the dream to come true, she had to keep her past from the people for many years - her nationality, her staying in Kolyma camps for repressed father, where she gave a birth to Yura from a criminal. For the sake of her dream she makes any sacrifice, resorts to various tricks and interferes in her son’s private life. When a threat to her secrets to be revealed appears she decides to commit suisider.
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Selected in the following festivals :
- Open Russian Film Festival Kinotavr, Sochi (Russia), 1993
- "NIKA" Prizes, Moscow (Russia), 1992