Yulia BYBA
Youlia BYBA
Russia, 2021, 63mn 
Budushcheye za nami?
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Будущее за нами?


 The Future is Ours?

 L'Avenir nous appartient-il?

Directed by : Yulia BYBA (Юлия БЫБА)

Plot synopsis
How do tech companies run our lives? Is artificial intelligence an assistant or a rival? Would you like to have a chip implanted in you? Why is now the best time to make a career? And also - how much does our life today depend on ourselves and what can we expect tomorrow?

It seemed interesting to look into the future, to explore what awaits us, to communicate with people who create the reality which we will inhabit tomorrow. In the process of working on the film, it became clear that the topic of the future is much closer to each of us than it seems at first glance. The future is created by the choices we make every day. I sincerely believe that the main battlefield between good and evil is the human heart. I wanted to make a film not just about artificial intelligence, cybermen, future tech and other novel trends. And also, about the responsibility of each of us for our lives and for the decisions we make.
Докер 2022 — Let IT dok!

Selected in the following festivals :
- DOKer. Moscow International Documentary Film Festival, Moscow (Russia), 2022