Aleksandra SVININA
Александра СВИНИНА
Aleksandra SVININA
France, 2010, 53mn 
Parizhskaya elegiya : Marina Tsvetaeva
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Парижская элегия: Марина Цветаева


 Parizhskaya elegiya : Marina Tsvetaeva

 Elégie De Paris : Marina Tsvetaeva

Directed by : Aleksandra SVININA (Александра СВИНИНА)

Plot synopsis
comme anglais

Un film documentaire sur la période passée à l'étranger de la grande poétesse russe Marina Tsvetaeva.

Документальный фильм о зарубежном периоде творчества великой русской поэтессы Марины Цветаевой

The article discusses Aleksandra Svininaʼs film on Cvetaevaʼs life in France which traces her links with European culture to Cvetaevaʼs family upbringing, her childhood and her adolescence. The film was made in 2010 and was well received by the audience both in Russia and in France. It utilises many biographical materials and findings of Cvetaevaʼs biographer and translator Veronique Lossky as well as Cvetaevaʼs own autobiographical writing. The film enables the audience to visualise Cvetaevaʼs life in France and her self-representation as a Russian émigré author.

Selected in the following festivals or events :
- Salon du livre russe "Russkaya literatura", Paris (France), 2022
- Salon du livre russe "Russkaya literatura", Paris (France), 2021