Russia, 2016, 39mn 
Andrey Kurayev. Pryamaya rech'
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Андрей Кураев. Прямая речь


 Andrey Kuraev. Direct Speech

 Andreï Kouraev. Discours direct

Directed by : Viktor TIKHOMIROV (Виктор ТИХОМИРОВ)
Writing credits : Viktor TIKHOMIROV (Виктор ТИХОМИРОВ)

Plot synopsis
The hero of the film, Andrei Kuraev, is a professor of theology and a missionary, one of the tasks of which is to reduce the level of people's fear of each other. However, the film is not about Andrei Kuraev, or rather, not so much about him. It begins with Andrei Kuraev holding his grandson, who is afraid of the dark, in his lap. The protodiacer invites the boy to enter the darkness, armed with a flashlight, and not to be afraid of anything. This metaphor sums up the rest of the film, as the next 40 minutes will be all about fearlessness and freedom.

Selected in the following festivals :
- Window to Europe Film Festival, Vyborg, Vyborg (Russia), 2021