Aleksandr ZGURIDI
Александр ЗГУРИДИ
Aleksandr ZGOURIDI
USSR, 1946, 84mn 
Belyy klyk
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Белый клык


 White Fang

 Croc blanc

Directed by : Aleksandr ZGURIDI (Александр ЗГУРИДИ)
Spectators : 15 millions of spectators
Release Date in Russia : 11/09/1946
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Plot synopsis
Based on the eponymous novel by Jack London.
Story of a wild lion cub, who was picked up and raised by an Indian boy. Arrived at the home of an evil man - the owner of the bar, White Fang, he transformed into a ferocious evil beast who emerged victorious from all the dogfights organized by his enterprising owner. But one day, half-strangled, it was pulled out of a bulldog's mouth by engineer Whedon Scott. His kindness transformed the beast.