Abram ROOM
Абрам РООМ
Abram ROOM
USSR, 1946, 86mn 
Black and white, fiction
V gorakh Yugoslavii
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В горах Югославии


 In the Mountains of Yugoslavia

 Dans les montagnes de Yougoslavie

Directed by : Abram ROOM (Абрам РООМ)
Production design : Aleksey UTKIN (Алексей УТКИН)
Companies : Mosfilm

Plot synopsis
About the fight of Yugoslav partisans against fascist invaders during World War II. A Bosnian countryman Slavko Babich had no thought of fighting. But fascists got to his home and Slavko took up arms. He formed a partisan detachment and lead it to join the main rebellion force headed by Iosip Bros Tito. They met when the partisans were encircled. Through the mountain passes the partisans pushed inland, setting free the villages and towns, and together with Soviet tanks they entered Belgrade.
Source : www.mosfilm.ru