USSR, 1975, 99mn 
Eto my ne prokhodili
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Это мы не проходили


 We Didn't Learn This

 On ne l'avait pas appris

Directed by : Ilya FREZ (Илья ФРЭЗ)
Companies : Gorky Film Studio
Spectators : 24,1 millions of spectators
Release Date in Russia : 05/01/1976
Site : IMDb

Plot synopsis
The heroes of the film are students of the pedagogical university, those who are to carry knowledge to schoolchildren after a year or two, "to sow reasonable, good, eternal". In the meantime, student practice. However, the practice is not quite ordinary. For students to leave for the first time far from their home university, for the first time to meet at the lesson with schoolchildren, not in the presence of their teachers, those with whom life confronts them every day at the institute, but with those who have already been working for a number of years at school.