Russia, 2020, 11mn 
animation, TV serial
Antilopy ne proschaiutcia
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Антилопы не прощаются


 Antilopy ne proschaiutcia

 Les Antilopes ne se disent pas adieu

Directed by : Nail MUBINOV (Наиль МУБИНОВ)
Companies : Анимационная студия «100 КИЛОВАТТ» / Studio d'animation "100 KILOWATTS"

Plot synopsis
Near future. Humanity has established contact with the inhabitants of other planets. The main character is a nine-year-old earthly boy, Kirill Lapkin. He is internet friends with the boy May, who lives in the distant Tau galaxy in the Cetus constellation. With his parents, Kirill goes to meet his friend at the spaceport. But a strange thing: instead of an alien boy, six girls arrive. Turns out she's May's sister, whose name is Meow. Where it comes from, the inhabitants exist simultaneously as several creatures, so there are six daughters. Kirill is upset, but nothing can be done, now instead of the second guy, an alien girl in the body of six creatures will live in Kirill's family.

Selected in the following festivals :
- Open Russian Festival of Animated Film, Suzdal (Russia), 2021