Konstantin SELIN
Константин СЕЛИН
Konstantin SELINE
Russia, 2020, 53mn 
Vernite moi ruki
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Верните мои руки


 Get My Hands Back

 Redonnez-moi mes mains

Directed by : Konstantin SELIN (Константин СЕЛИН)
Writing credits : Konstantin SELIN (Константин СЕЛИН)
Cinematography : Vadim KEOSYAN (Вадим КЕОСЬЯН), Konstantin SELIN (Константин СЕЛИН)
Produced by : Anastasia RYTSINA (Анастасия РЫЦИНА)

Awards :
First prize, Documentary Competition, Window to Europe Film Festival, Vyborg, Vyborg (Russia), 2020

Plot synopsis
For twenty years, the Siberian microsurgeon Vadim Keosyan has returned the lost hands and fingers to his patients. Such operations often take place at night, which is very exhausting for doctors. To warn people about an accident, Vadim is launching a video blog. He films his operations, records interviews with patients, reminds us of safety precautions. One day a difficult patient who has lost his hand arrives at the hospital. He doesn't know how he will continue to live, and is not sure whether the doctor can save his hand this time.

Selected in the following festivals :
- International Documentary Film Festival "Flahertiana", Perm (Russia), 2021
- Window to Europe Film Festival, Vyborg, Vyborg (Russia), 2020