Yevgeni YASHIN
Евгений ЯШИН
Russia, 2020  
Sleduy za svoey mechtoy
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Следуй за своей мечтой


 Follow Your Dream

 Suis ton rêve

Directed by : Yevgeni YASHIN (Евгений ЯШИН)

Plot synopsis
The film chronicles a little girl's dreams destined to come true with impressive precision. When Anastasija Maximova became an Olympic champion her mother accidentally found a note in the family photo album that Nastya wrote 18 years ago. This card had all the dreams of a little girl. "I want to be an Olympic champion , I want to go in a limo, I want my own room, I want to be in the magazines ...". All these dreams come true. But all this did not happen thanks to a magic wand, but thanks to the faith in the dream and the steely character of Anastasija Maximova, the first Olympic champion in the world of rhythmic gymnastics.

Selected in the following festivals :
- Festival del cinema russo a Milano, Milan (Italy), 2020