Nurbek EGEN
Нурбек ЭГЕН
Nourbek EGEN
Russia, 2020, 52mn 
fiction, TV serial
Sherlock v Rossii
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Шерлок в России


 Sherlock: the Russian Chronicles

 Sherlok en Russie

Directed by : Nurbek EGEN (Нурбек ЭГЕН)
Writing credits : Oleg MALOVICHKO (Олег МАЛОВИЧКО)
Maksim MATVEYEV (Максим МАТВЕЕВ) ...Sherlock Holmes
Vladimir MISHUKOV (Владимир МИШУКОВ) ...Doktor Kartsev
Konstantin BOGOMOLOV (Константин БОГОМОЛОВ)
Cinematography : Romuald MAKARENKO (Ромуалд МАКАРЕНКО)
Music : Rayan OTTER (Райан ОТТЕР)
Produced by : Eduard ILOYAN (Эдуард ИЛОЯН), Aleksey TROTSYUK (Алексей ТРОЦЮК), Denis ZHALINSKY (Денис ЖАЛИНСКИЙ)
Companies : START, SREDA
World sales : START
Site : IMDb

Plot synopsis
Sherlock Holmes follows the trail of Jack the Ripper, who slashed several women in London and left a special message for the detective on each of the murder sites, leading Sherlock to the Russian Empire. Holmes’ reputation as a talented crime solver hasn’t yet reached St. Petersburg, so no one takes the London detective, or his deductions, seriously. Holmes rents a room at Dr. Kartsev’s who eventually becomes his assistant. Together they solve crimes, even when the local police acts against them.

Selected in the following festivals or events :
- Moscow International Film Festival (MIFF), Moscow (Russia), 2020