Russia, 2019, 75mn 
Urfin Dzhus vozvraschaetcia
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Урфин Джус возвращается


 Urfin Juice goes back

 Le Retour d'Urfin Juice

Directed by : Fyodor DMITRIEV (Федор ДМИТРИЕВ)
Writing credits : Aleksandr BOIARSKY (Александр БОЯРСКИЙ)
Konstantin KHABENSKY (Константин ХАБЕНСКИЙ) ...Urfin Juice, the voice
Yekaterina GOROKHOVSKAIA (Екатерина ГОРОХОВСКАЯ) ...Elli, the voice
Aleksandr BYKOVSKY (Александр БЫКОВСКИЙ) ...Tim's voice
Dmitry DYUZHEV (Дмитрий ДЮЖЕВ)
Andrei_2 LIOVIN (Андрей_2 ЛЕВИН)
Production design : Aleksey KOROBKIN (Алексей КОРОБКИН)
Music : Aleksandr BOIARSKY (Александр БОЯРСКИЙ), Georgi ZHERIAKOV (Георгий ЖЕРЯКОВ)
Editing : Sergey GLEZIN (Сергей ГЛЕЗИН)
Produced by : Aleksandr BOIARSKY (Александр БОЯРСКИЙ), Sergey SELIANOV (Сергей СЕЛЬЯНОВ)
Companies : Студия анимационного кино «Мельница»; / Studio d'animation "Melnitsa"
Film revenue in Russia : 1.214 million dollars
Spectators : 424 970
Release Date in Russia : 24/10/2019

Plot synopsis
Elli and his faithful dog Totochka are once again in the Enchanted Country at the right time. Once again the treacherous Urfin Juice, who, although he has lost his army of wooden soldiers, has not lost his pernicious habit of spoiling people's lives, tries to seize power in the Emerald city. Urfin now has in his hands the magic book of the witch Guinguema which allows its owner to fulfill any of his desires and therefore the Scarecrow the Wise, the Courageous Lion and the Iron Lumberjack are in danger. Elli, Totochka and their new friend Tim decide to help the inhabitants of the Enchanted Country. Especially since Elli appeals to Tim and what we wouldn't do out of love? For example stupidity. Everyone makes mistakes but very few know how to compensate them.

Selected in the following festivals or events :
- Moscow International Film Festival (MIFF), Moscow (Russia), 2020