Konstantin MURZENKO
Константин МУРЗЕНКО
Konstantin MOURZENKO
Russia, 2001, 110mn 
Colour, fiction
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Directed by : Konstantin MURZENKO (Константин МУРЗЕНКО)
Writing credits : Konstantin MURZENKO (Константин МУРЗЕНКО)
Denis BURGAZLIEV (Денис БУРГАЗЛИЕВ) ...Vladimir Dergatch
Dmitry DYUZHEV (Дмитрий ДЮЖЕВ)
Aleksandra KULIKOVA (Александра КУЛИКОВА) ...Alla
Gosha KUTSENKO (Гоша КУЦЕНКО) ...Artur
Renata LITVINOVA (Рената ЛИТВИНОВА) ...Nastassia
Yevgeni STYCHKIN (Евгений СТЫЧКИН) ...Piotr April
Cinematography : Maksim TRAPO (Максим ТРАПО)
Production design : Grigori PUSHKIN (Григорий ПУШКИН)
Music : Daniil KALASHNIK (Даниил КАЛАШНИК)
Sound : Roland KAZARIAN (Роланд КАЗАРЯН)
Produced by : Sergey SELIANOV (Сергей СЕЛЬЯНОВ), Yelena YATSURA (Елена ЯЦУРА)
Companies : Union ART, СТВ, Non-stop Production
Release Date in Russia : 15/02/2002

Plot synopsis
The laconic, eponymous hero of Konstantin Murzenko's Aprel' (April, 2001) has been set up and finds himself accused for of a crime he didn't do. The boss of this smalltime criminal seems sympathetic gives him a roll of dollars and a gun and tells him to get himself a girl and tells Aprel' to kill the man who betrayed him. After finding himself a girlfriend, a prostitute who has never slept with anyone, he sets about his task, to which he has no affinity or inclination. He does a runner on the hit job he's been told to do, and before running goes to visit his girlfriend, who also works the nightshift as a nurse. By chance, he runs into the man he was to kill, who is involved in a baby-snatching racket. The latter's hold-up goes disasterously wrong, partly foiled by the perpetrator's own incompetence and partly by Aprel's efforts to save the day. Police marksmen surround the hospital, yet Aprel' still manages to avoid all awaiting fates—death, imprisonment or descent into the depths of the criminal underworld.
Source : www.kinoeye.org

Escaping fate. Konstantin Murzenko's Aprel' (April, 2001), Andrew HORTON, kinoeye.org, 2002

Selected in the following festivals :
- Golden Eagle awards, Moscow (Russia), 2003
- Berlin International Film Festival : Berlinale, Berlin (Germany), 2002