Максим ТОМАШ
Russia, 2019, 77mn 
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Directed by : Maksim TOMASH (Максим ТОМАШ)
Cinematography : Maksim TOMASH (Максим ТОМАШ)

Plot synopsis
With his trumpet, hamster and a good mood, Anton Kuznetsov tours Eastern Europe as Antoha MC, a Russian hipster one-man band with a happy message. His positive music for party audiences features great beats, personal raps and colourful trumpet solos. At home, where Russian authorities are trying to constrain rap, not everyone understands his good intentions. Heel-and-Toe opens with a confrontation between Anton and two Russian cops who were tipped some ‘Muslim’ was stirring up trouble.

This intimate documentary portrait features no interviews, voice-overs or talking heads. Instead, the filmmakers follow Kuznetsov on tour while the subdued artist develops from a modest cult figure into a rising superstar. This pleasant road movie takes us to clubs, festivals, lodgings, music studios and dressing rooms, propelled by the joy of touring, despite Anton concluding that the best thing about travel is being able to go home again in the end.

Selected in the following festivals :
- Rotterdam International Film Festival, Rotterdam (Netherlands), 2020