Russia / Qatar, 2019, 84mn 
Colour, documentary
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Directed by : Ilya POVOLOTSKY (Илья ПОВОЛОЦКИЙ)
Cinematography : Yevgeni RODIN (Евгений РОДИН)
Other persons :
Actors: Dmitry KHALILEEV, Alexander BARDACHEV, Alexander BOGATYREV, Maria BOGATYREVA, Maria SIDOR, Alexander GUSCHIN
Companies : Blackchamber, Anna Shalashina
Ventes internationales : Ant!pode Sales & Distribution, Maria Khanyutina
Site : IMDb

Plot synopsis
From the Barents Sea, a chill wind seems to blow constantly across a semi-deserted town at the edge of the world. Nevertheless, a little community holds out here. In a flawlessly filmed portrait of this extraordinary place, the theme linking the residents is their determination to chart their own course. Bardak was a marine, but his garrison broke up and his comrades sought a better life elsewhere. He stayed behind among the many empty buildings that are slowly but surely being consumed by the elements. Meanwhile, Dima, a young poacher, flouts as many rules as he can, but gives friendly directions to lost tourists and reads lovingly to his little daughter. Ferryman Alexander is locked in a silent generational battle with his teenage daughter Masha; her eyes are on the outside world. Further along, a little team of ships from the Second World War turns up, and a woman steadfastly runs a weather station. In the distance, we hear radio and TV news reports. The news affects these people too, yet at the same time it seems a million miles away from their isolated everyday reality.

Selected in the following festivals :
- Angers Festival Premiers Plans, Angers (France), 2020
- Message to Man : International Short, Documentary and Animated Film Festival, St Petersburg (Russia), 2020
- International Documentary Film Festival "Flahertiana", Perm (Russia), 2020