Aleksandra KARELINA
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Александра КАРЕЛИНА
Aleksandra KARELINA
Filmography (extracts)
2021 - Dva (Два) [fiction, 25 mn]
2019 - Largo ma non tanto (Largo ma non tanto) [fiction, 27 mn]

Alexandra Karelina studied film editing at Moscow School of New Cinema and at ICA (Institute of Contemporary Art). Since 2015 she has been working as a director of documentaries and experimental films.
Interested in avant-garde cinema tradition, experimental cinema, she explores in her work non standard approaches to moving image on the screen.
She has collaborated on her short films “Bobok” and “Dva” with Ivan Yakushev, involved in experimental music production and graphic design, professor at the School of Design of HSE University.
Alexandra Karelina participated in international exhibitions and film festivals like Image Forum Tokyo, Le Guess Who?, MIEFF etc. Her short film "Bobok" won an award at New Holland Island International Debut FF 2021 (Russia), and "How to behave" was distinguished at LUFF 2018 (Switzerland).

Commentaries and bibliography
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