Born 1940, USSR (Russia)
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Владислав Менделевич ЦУКЕРМАН
Also : Slava TSUKERMAN
Filmography (extracts)
1982 - Liquid Sky (Жидкое небо) [fiction, 112 mn]
1982 - Liquid Sky (Жидкое небо) by Vladislav TSUKERMAN [fiction, 112 mn]
1982 - Liquid Sky (Жидкое небо) by Vladislav TSUKERMAN [fiction, 112 mn]
1982 - Liquid Sky (Жидкое небо) by Vladislav TSUKERMAN [fiction, 112 mn]

Other films
2009 Perestroika
2005 Stalin’s Wife (documentary)
2001 Poor Liza
1994 This Elusive Kramarov (TV documentary)
1982 Liquid Sky
1976 Of Jerusalem Stone (TV movie)
1975 Iona and David Elin (documentary short)
1974 Once Upon a Time There Were Russians in Jerusalem (TV documentary)
1973 Moscow Doesn't Answer (TV documentary)
1970 Vaudeville on Vaudeville (TV movie)

Vladislav "Slava" Tsukerman is a Russian film director. He was born in the Soviet Union and emigrated in 1973 with his wife, Nina Kerova, to Israel. In 1976 he moved to New York City. He is best known for producing, directing, and writing the screenplay for the 1982 cult film Liquid Sky. He also directed the 2004 documentary Stalin’s Wife (about Nadezhda Alliluyeva) and the 2008 film Perestroika. Prior to making Liquid Sky, Slava had a successful career as a documentary and TV film maker in the USSR and Israel. The screenplay was written by Slava Tsukerman, his wife and ubiquitous co-producer Nina V. Kerova, and Anne Carlisle, who also enacted the film’s two leading roles. The director of photography, Yuri Neyman, a Russian émigré, was the DP and special effects expert. Anne Carlisle also wrote a novel based on the movie in 1987.

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