Born 1978, Italy
Valerio MIELI
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Валерио МЬЕЛИ
Valerio MIELI
Filmography (extracts)
2009 - Ten Winters (Десять зим) [fiction, 99 mn]
2009 - Ten Winters (Десять зим) by Valerio MIELI , Andrey SELIVANOV [fiction, 99 mn]

Other films
2000 Not a Martini (short) 2002 I Pay and Go Away (short)
2002 Something Else (short)
2003 From Cold to Frost (doc.)
2003 It Seems the Road Is Easily Crossed (doc.)
2004 Wall (short)
2007 Temporary Order (short)

Author :

Awards :
Ten Winters :
First prize, International debut film festival, Khanty Mansiysk (Russia), 2010

Bom on January 27,1978 in Rome. Studied philosophy at the University "La Sapienza" in Rome (2002), received the Doctor of Philosophy degree at the Amedeo Avogadro national university in Piemonte (2003). The same year graduated from the School of Theatre art in Rome, where he specialized in the art of acting, and from the courses of the New York Academy as director and cameraman. He completed his cinematic education at the department of directing of the experimental centre of filmmaking in Rome (2005), where he won the first place in the competition of directorial debuts (2005).

Commentaries and bibliography
- Valerio Mieli, réalisateur de 10 hivers à Venise : "C’est une histoire d’amour congelée qu’on décongèle" 2012,