REGARDEZ ATTENTIVEMENT LES RÊVES de Kira Mouratova et Vladimir Zouev - Un scénario sans film
Author : Eugénie ZVONKINE
Edition : L'HARMATTAN, 2019
ISBN : 978-2-343-16766-4
Langue : French
Présentation :
Period : 1960 - 2019
Editor presentation:

Watching Dreams Attentively by Kira Muratova and Vladimir Zuyev belongs to the soviet film screenplays that remained a dead letter at the end of the sixties, when censorship became stronger at the same time as grew the distrust of any project tending to step outside the norms. We believe that these texts must be brought to light today, as they are rightfully part of the history of Soviet cinema. The screenplay, which is an explicit reference to The Door in the Wall of Herbert G. Wells, tells the story of Ania, a painter torn between, on the one hand, her desire to devote herself fully to her art, and on the other, the daily worries but also her love for her close ones. A unique piece of work, with a large part given to daydreaming and imagination, Watching Dreams Attentively is arguably one of the most personal scripts of Kira Muratova.

Subjects : censorship, cinema and literature,
Personnes associées : Kira MURATOVA,