Marya_2 KONEVA
Мария_2 КОНЕВА
Maria_2 KONEVA
Russia, 2018, 5mn 
Between the Lines
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Вдоль и поперек


 De long en large

 Vdol i poperiok

Directed by : Marya_2 KONEVA (Мария_2 КОНЕВА)
Writing credits : Marya_2 KONEVA (Мария_2 КОНЕВА)
Produced by : Vadim PEGASOV (Вадим ПЕГАСОВ)
Animation : Marya_2 KONEVA (Мария_2 КОНЕВА)

Plot synopsis
Swinging jazz music, swaying hips and fluttering eyelashes. A lonely zebra longs to find a partner – and wherever it turns, it sees other animals who have already found partners. It’s enough to drive a zebra crazy. In a mesmerizing dance of shifting black and white lines, flickering circles, blinking eyes and swaying bodies this charming film tells a love story set to the rhythm of the music.

Selected in the following festivals :
- Berlin International Film Festival : Berlinale, Berlin (Germany), 2018
- Window to Europe Film Festival, Vyborg, Vyborg (Russia), 2018