Russia / Germany, 2012, 85mn 
Colour, documentary
Don’t Believe, Don’t Be Afraid, Don’t Ask
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Не верь, не бойся, не проси


 Ne crois pas, ne crains pas, ne demande pas

 Ne ver, ne boysya, ne prosi

Directed by : Peter RIPPLE (Питер РИППЛ)
Writing credits : Peter RIPPLE (Питер РИППЛ)
Cinematography : Nikita KHOKHLOV (Никита ХОХЛОВ), Peter RIPPLE (Питер РИППЛ)
Produced by : Nikita KHOKHLOV (Никита ХОХЛОВ), Peter RIPPLE (Питер РИППЛ)
Production : Best Before Filmproduction

Plot synopsis
The documentary film «Don’t Believe. Don’t be Afraid. Don’t Ask» is an attempt of the German director Peter Ripple to examine «secrets of Russian soul». The author takes the theme of blatnyak, the genre that was very popular for the last 100 years and now rapidly gives up its positions. Songs from criminal life or blatnyak, songs of thieves and cheaters, songs of those who served time in prisons and camps despite the full disapproval of such creative art by police and official authorities were always liked by people. They were illegally recorded, illegally copied, sold and changed all over the country. Though it was not popular to declare love for this genre, practically every singer beginning from the great ones like Leonid Utesov and Alesha Dimitrievich included blatnyak into their repertoire. Sergei Shurov, Alexander Razenbaum, Stas Baretsky, the group «La Minor», Count Khortitsa, Khoggano and many others talk with the author of the film «Don’t Believe. Don’t be Afraid. Don’t Ask» about what passed and what remained.

Selected in the following festivals :
- International Human Rights Film Festival, Moscow (Russia), 2012