Russia, 2011, 40mn 
The Demarche of the enthusiast
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Демарш энтузиаста


 La Démarche de l'enthousiaste

 Demarsh entuziasta

Other titles : Ушёл, чтобы остаться. Сергей Довлатов
Directed by : Sergey_2 KOKOVKIN (Сергей_2 КОКОВКИН)
Writing credits : Sergey_2 KOKOVKIN (Сергей_2 КОКОВКИН)
Cinematography : Yevgeni BOYARINTSEV (Евгений БОЯРИНЦЕВ)
Produced by : Sergey_2 KOKOVKIN (Сергей_2 КОКОВКИН)
Other persons :
Camera: Mark SURMAN (USA), Arvo VILU (Estonia)
Production : CM Film

Plot synopsis
His fate was full of mystery and turncoats. Dovlatov played with his life, as well as with his heroes — wide open and recklessly. In his pseudo documentary prose he will confuse tracks, change his surname, date of birth, names of wives and relatives. In his books, he himself becomes a fiction, an ordinary piece of his daring play. In life he was distracting from the overall rankings not only by his 2 metres height, but by complete freedom from all the ideological schemes and behavioral norms. But rolling down, Dovlatov was actually steadily rising. It was a game where prince was playing a pauper. Progressive tactics of outsider who believes in his finishing spurt. Having passed away at the age of 48 years, he didn't live to see his fantastic glory in the homeland just a little bit.

Selected in the following festivals :
- International Film Festival "Russian Film Out of Russia", Moscow (Russia), 2012