Russia, 2012, 39mn 
Colour, documentary
Ksenia, Kuprin's daughter
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Ксения, дочь Куприна


 Ksenia, la fille de Kouprine

 Kseniya, doch Kuprina

Directed by : Galina OGURNAYA (Галина ОГУРНАЯ)
Writing credits : Yelena CHAVCHAVADZE (Елена ЧАВЧАВАДЗЕ), Galina OGURNAYA (Галина ОГУРНАЯ)
Cinematography : Yuri ERMOLIN (Юрий ЕРМОЛИН)
Produced by : Yelena CHAVCHAVADZE (Елена ЧАВЧАВАДЗЕ)
Production : ANO "Direction of presidential programs"

Plot synopsis
It seemed that life was smiling to Ksenia Kuprina — beautiful, beloved daughter of the famous Russian writer, a star of the Parisian fashion houses and silent movies in France. But there was another side of the coin: refugee passport with the stamp "stateless person", the separation from parents, who returned to their home country without her and her returning to her own country after 20 years , where new trials were waiting for her, in which she, the daughter of her father, will show real Russian character...

Selected in the following festivals :
- International Film Festival "Russian Film Out of Russia", Moscow (Russia), 2012