Andres SÖÖT
Андрес СЕЭТ
Andres SÖÖT
USSR (Estonia), 1978, 20mn 
Black and white, documentary
St. John’s Day
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Иванов день


 La Nuit de la Saint-Jean

 Ivanov den

Other titles : Jaanipäev (original title)
Directed by : Andres SÖÖT (Андрес СЕЭТ)
Writing credits : Andres SÖÖT (Андрес СЕЭТ)
Cinematography : Andres SÖÖT (Андрес СЕЭТ)
Production : Tallinnfilm
Distribution : Archives du film d'Estonie (

Plot synopsis
The devitalisation of cultural life and loss of values due to urbanisation become clear in the forgetting of peasant tradition on Saint John's night.

Commentaries and bibliography
Andres Sööt: St. John’s Day (Jaanipäev, 1978), Kristina DAVIDJANTS,, 2010

Selected in the following festivals :
- États généraux du film documentaire, Lussas (France), 2012