2010, 80mn 
Colour, fiction
While the wind blows
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Покуда будет ветер...


 Tandis que le vent souffle...

 Pokuda budet veter...

Directed by : Sergey POTAPOV (Сергей ПОТАПОВ)
Writing credits : Tatyana_2 EGOROVA (Татьяна_2 ЕГОРОВА), Sergey POTAPOV (Сергей ПОТАПОВ)
Nugrustaan MANDAROV (Ньургустаан МАНДАРОВ)
Cinematography : Semyon AMANATOV (Семён АМАНАТОВ)
Production : Cinema Center Production

Plot synopsis
Do you know something about Yakutian movies? I suppose, nothing. Let me introduce you new territory of cinema. Yakutia (Sakha) Republic is one of the biggest Siberian region, the part of Russia. Native people speak the Turkic group language and combine Christianity with shamanism and ancient cults of spirits. It's the northern branch of Asian culture. The state and independent studios produced about 15 digital films per year. The basic genre of native cinema is melodrama. I want to present you two examples of Yakutian cinema - the winners of first national film festival in categories full length and short films. The plot of While the wind blows by Sergey Potapov is based on folktales about outcast epic hero and his forbidden love with noble girl. The film represents a kind of stile crossing between local period melodrama, horror and East Asian violence cinema.

Selected in the following festivals :
- Göteborg International Film Festival, Göteborg (Sweden), 2012