Yevgeni ABYZOV
Евгений АБЫЗОВ
Evgueni ABYZOV
Russia, 2011, 1mn 
Colour, documentary
First snow
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Первый снег


 Première neige

 pervy sneg

Directed by : Yevgeni ABYZOV (Евгений АБЫЗОВ)
Writing credits : Yevgeni ABYZOV (Евгений АБЫЗОВ)
Cinematography : Yevgeni ABYZOV (Евгений АБЫЗОВ)

Plot synopsis
Captured and simultaneously accelerated, the fleeing moment of the first winter snowfall on a residential street in Moscow.
On the first winter's day in Moscow, Evgeny Abyzov looks out though the upper floor window with his camera and surveys the playful activities outside his apartment. The interactive atmosphere on the street is heightened by the accelerated speed of the action.

Selected in the following festivals :
- Rotterdam International Film Festival, Rotterdam (Netherlands), 2011